Aluminum Wheel Polishing Machine Supplier Shares The Operation Process Of The Polishing Machine


The polishing machine is very important to know before […]

The polishing machine is very important to know before the operation. During the whole operation, the automatic polishing machine needs to follow a certain process. The following supplier of Aluminum Wheel Polishing Machine will share the correct operation process:


1. View the power supply: Keep the switch intact. Polishing machine safe start-up process: connect external power supply → open equipment power main switch → equipment power start switch.

2. Check the air outlet of the bed motor before work to ensure smoothness.

3. Carry out a safety inspection of the polishing machine before work, let the polishing machine idling, check whether the fasteners in all parts are loose, to ensure safe production.

4. During the work process, it should be checked frequently whether a thousand impellers and the motor connecting rod are loose, and the problem is found in time. It can be worked after being adjusted to ensure the safe production of the personnel and the workpiece is not damaged.

5. When replacing a thousand impellers, the power should be turned off. After the replacement is completed, check whether the equipment is normal.

6, found that the equipment has abnormal conditions, immediately stop working, check the equipment, if you can not solve the problem, find repair workers in time.

7. It is forbidden to extend any part of the body into the polishing area when the polishing machine is working automatically to avoid injury.