Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machine Suppliers Share The Characteristics Of Centrifugal Grinders


Today, Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machine suppliers s […]

Today, Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machine suppliers share the main features of centrifugal high-speed grinders with the following:


1. Adopt high-efficiency centrifugal drum grinding and polishing principle to achieve high speed and high quality grinding and polishing.

2. The machine body is designed and optimized by computer-aided technology, which is sturdy and durable and can undertake long-term high-intensity vibration grinding and polishing work.

3, centrifugal grinding and polishing efficiency is very high, suitable for batch grinding and polishing of small products, compared with the ordinary grinding and polishing method, to improve work efficiency 15-20 times.

4. The overweight environment created by the centrifugal drum planetary motion and rotation can easily handle the grinding and polishing of various small parts.

5, high-speed centrifugal grinding machine control system is complete, full-featured, easy to operate, can achieve automation, unmanned operation.

6, using advanced synchronous belt drive, stable operation, low noise, long life.