Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machine Suppliers Share The Principles Of Centrifugal Machines


The principle of centrifugation is used in daily life, […]

The principle of centrifugation is used in daily life, and it is common as a drum washing machine. The centrifugation principle is also used in the industry, such as the Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machine  . So how does the centrifugal machine work?


The principle is to use centrifugal force to separate the machinery of the liquid and solid particles or the components of the mixture of liquid and liquid.

1. Separate the solid particles in the suspension from the liquid, or separate the two liquids of different density and immiscible in the emulsion (for example, separating the cream from the milk).

2. Used to remove liquids from wet solids, such as drying clothes with a washing machine.

3. The special Overspeed tube separator can also separate gas mixtures of different densities.

4. The use of different density or particle size solid particles in the liquid in different sedimentation speeds and some sedimentation centrifuges can also classify solid particles by density or particle size.