Centrifugal Disc Polishing Machine Is Five Major Points Of Attention


Polishing is a time consuming and expensive process tha […]

Polishing is a time consuming and expensive process that reduces the cost of polishing operations in accordance with certain codes. It is most important that every step of polishing must be kept clean. Here are some points to note about the use of the Centrifugal Disc Polishing Machine  :

1. Polishing must be carried out in a clean, dust-free room. Because hard dust particles can contaminate the abrasive material, damage the mold surface that is nearing completion.

2. Each polishing tool uses only one level of polished diamond paste and is stored in a dust-tight or sealed container.

3. When you want to convert a finer grade sand number, you must wash your hands and workpiece.

4. When polishing begins, it is necessary to deal with corners, corners and rounded corners that are difficult to polish.

5. Care should be taken when handling sharp corners and corners. Be careful not to form rounded corners or rounded edges. Harder polishing tools should be used for grinding and whetstone grinding.