Centrifugal Disc Polishing Machine Supplier Introduces The Coup Of Maintenance Polishing Machine


After the polishing machine has been used for a while, […]

After the polishing machine has been used for a while, it also needs maintenance, to extend the life of the polishing machine. So what are the precautions for the maintenance of the polishing machine? Let's take a look at the experienced Centrifugal Disc Polishing Machine suppliers.


First, remove the residual polishing paste

Before adding the organic solvent to clean, it is necessary to remove the polishing paste in the screw hole by using the digging method. The tool used can make the knife also make the small iron hook of the pointed tip, and then clean the polishing paste inside, It can be cleaned with organic solvent; the next step is to use a cotton swab and petrol to scrub the hole and then dry it. Finally, use a medical needle to inject some gasoline into the screw hole or slit to clean the residual polishing paste. clean.


Second, remove the polished wax print

Because of the need to use the polishing paste, the wheel rotation can be caused if the rotation speed of the wheel is not fast enough or if it is shaken too fast when the machine is stopped.

In the face of wheel printing, the solution is to scrub the polished surface with gasoline or xylene after polishing, and wash it with enough water to clean it; however, it will still have water stains, so you can use water at this time. After washing, rinse with ionized water and dry with a dryer.