Centrifugal Disc Polishing Machine Suppliers Share Tips On Polishing Machines


When polishing the object with a polishing machine, it […]

When polishing the object with a polishing machine, it is necessary to grasp some of the use techniques of the polishing device, to better exert the function of the device and greatly improve the working efficiency of the device. The following Centrifugal Disc Polishing Machine suppliers look at the detailed introduction:


1. Frequency automatic tracking technology, developed leather texture processing, automatic ultrasonic mold polishing machine, leather grain processing, automatic ultrasonic electric spark mold polishing machine.


2. The tungsten steel layer is usually a reinforcing layer for reducing frictional resistance, improving mechanical precision, improving cutting performance and prolonging service life.


3. The mold polishing machine is used to fix the parts and fixtures at a specified position to apply a pressing force to the abrasive. The squeezing honing machine has two opposing abrasive cylinders that clamp the part or clamp when closed.


4. The abrasive is squeezed from one cylinder to the other, and the part is restrained to produce a grinding effect. The parts are ground and polished by a pre-adjusted stroke position and a preset number of honing times. The extrusion honing machine has the advantages of simple operation, convenient adjustment and many functions.