Ceramic Grinding Abrasive Manufacturers Share The Characteristics Of Artificial Abrasives


Grinding and polishing abrasives are indispensable mate […]

Grinding and polishing abrasives are indispensable materials for grinding and polishing. There are two types of abrasive polishing abrasives, natural and artificial. The natural abrasive polishing abrasive is naturally produced without any artificial material interference, and it has a good grinding effect in grinding and polishing. These abrasives are such as diamond, garnet, quartz, ceramic, and the like. But it is rarely used now. Then follow the Ceramic Grinding Abrasive manufacturer to explore the popular synthetic abrasives.

Artificial abrasives are scientifically produced and incorporate a scientific method of grinding and polishing to achieve the best polishing efficiency of artificial abrasive polishing abrasives in grinding and polishing. Artificial polishing abrasives include corundum series, carbide series, superhard and steel series. The corundum series artificial polishing abrasives include brown fused alumina abrasive polishing abrasives, white fused alumina abrasive polishing abrasives, chrome corundum abrasive polishing abrasives and the like. The hardness of the white fused alumina abrasive is higher than that of the brown fused alumina abrasive, so the grinding force is slightly worse, and the white fused alumina polishing abrasive is somewhat brittle. It also has good cutting, oxidation, and gas corrosion resistance and good insulation.

They have their own advantages and disadvantages compared to brown fused alumina. Brown fused alumina polished abrasives have a strong grinding force on the workpiece in the grinding and polishing machine, so in many cases it is mainly used for fine grinding and fine grinding of hardened steel, alloy steel, grinding of threads and gears. Brown fused alumina abrasive is an indispensable material in polishing and grinding materials. It has better interaction with polishing slurry during grinding and polishing. The main function of brown fused alumina abrasive is to remove the burrs on the workpiece, so it is generally not Polish the brightener.

The chrome corundum polishing abrasive is suitable for grinding workpieces with high roughness requirements such as hardened steel, alloy steel, precision measuring tools, and instrument parts. The smelting process of chrome corundum grinding and polishing abrasive is the same as that of white fused alumina polishing abrasive. The toughness of chrome corundum polishing abrasive is higher than that of white fused alumina, and the hardness is similar to that of white fused alumina. It is only adding a certain amount of chromium oxide during the smelting process. Its color is light purple or rose. Microcrystalline corundum is suitable for heavy-duty grinding. It can grind stainless steel, carbon steel, bearing steel and special ductile iron. Since the abrasive grains are micro-blade in the grinding process, they are also used for precision grinding and even mirror grinding. The smelting method adopted by the microcrystalline corundum is to rapidly pour the molten metal into the mold by means of excretion or pouring immediately after the shutdown, thereby obtaining a fine crystal aggregate.

Zirconium corundum polishing abrasive is suitable for high-speed heavy-duty grinding. It can grind cast iron, cast steel, alloy steel, and high-speed steel. It is especially suitable for grinding of titanium alloy, heat-resistant alloy, high vanadium steel, and stainless steel. It is made of aluminum oxide powder and zircon as raw materials and is melted at high temperature in an electric arc furnace.