China Polishing Machine Manufacturer Introduces Why The Polishing Machine Motor Is Hot


Today, the China Polishing Machine manufacturer will sh […]

Today, the China Polishing Machine manufacturer will share the reasons for the high fever of the polishing machine motor:


1, overload operation

Generally, there is no feeling when you first start using it. After a period of use, the temperature rises sharply. This condition is generally caused by a lack of power supply voltage or overloading of the equipment. For example, a small round tube polishing machine, polishing a relatively long steel tube, and the bracket does not have a device guide wheel, so that the polishing resistance of the steel tube during polishing is large, and the operation load of the motor is added, and the time of use is not long. The motor is very tricky.


2, poor motor heat dissipation

This situation is generally present in small processing plants because of the serious production tasks. Equipment is rarely cleaned and maintained. This causes the motor cooling holes to cover a lot of dust. Its heat dissipation is greatly reduced. The motor will overheat. Therefore, it is necessary to clean and maintain multiple motors.