China Polishing Machine Manufacturer Shares Cleaning And Polishing Equipment


The polishing device of the optical fiber polishing mac […]

The polishing device of the optical fiber polishing machine is manufactured using high-precision processing equipment. Fixtures made of steel and aluminum can bend and bend over time, which can hurt your polishing process and product quality. On the other hand, a polishing device made of hardened stainless steel avoids this wear effect. However, hardened stainless steel contains more iron in the alloy, so this does increase the risk of rust. This is the key reason why proper maintenance is so important.

China Polishing Machine manufacturers share a small knowledge of 6 cleanings and maintenance polishing equipment:

1. It is best to clean for 5 minutes a day instead of cleaning once a week for 30 minutes. It is recommended that you integrate the cleaning process throughout the daily polishing process.

2. Use distilled water because it does not contain abrasive minerals. Also, don't use alcohol. In fiber-optic centers, air-purifying cleaning rods are recommended.

3. The ferrule hole (and the ferrule groove for the MT-type fixture, the surrounding surface, and the top clamp) can be cleaned with a toothbrush and no particles, distilled or deionized water. Again, don't use alcohol. We recommend using a 1.25 mm nylon brush (purple handle brush) for 1.25 mm diameter ferrule holes. Use a 2.5 mm nylon brush (blue handle brush) for the 2.5 mm diameter ferrule hole fixture.

4. To clean the area where the brush cannot reach, use an ultrasonic bath. When using an ultrasonic bath, the deionized water must be replaced every day. Otherwise, debris can contaminate the polishing fixture.

5. If the clamp has a cam lock interface, pay special attention to the spring opening. These are very narrow and the debris tends to accumulate, causing the metal to bend less and interfere with the spring function.

6. After cleaning the polished lamps, it is important to dry thoroughly to avoid rust. This is especially true for polishing devices made of hardened stainless steel.