China Polishing Machine Suppliers Share What Is An Environmentally Friendly Automatic Polishing Machine


For the polishing machine, many people are not very str […]

For the polishing machine, many people are not very strange, so have you ever known about the machine such as the environmental protection automatic polishing machine, if not, then go with the China Polishing Machine Suppliers to understand its working principle and applicability.


First, the principle of environmentally friendly automatic polishing machine

The soft abrasive is quickly passed through the inner hole or surface of the workpiece under the pressure of the power cylinder to perform uniform grinding, polishing the workpiece while removing excess burrs, and then returning to the abrasive hopper for recycling. The smoothness of the fluid polishing can reach the mirror level, and mirror processing can be controlled between Ra0.025um~Ra0.04um. Since the abrasive is fluid and semi-fluid environmentally friendly material, the entire process does not produce high heat, sparks, metal dust, and is very safe. It also does not produce any wastewater, solution or waste gas. The recycled fluid abrasive can last for 1000 hours and can be disposed of as solid waste after being eliminated.


Second, the applicability of environmentally friendly automatic polishing machine

From the process principle of the environmentally-friendly automatic polishing machine, we can see that this process is more suitable for the polishing of precision workpieces, especially for various inner holes, curved holes, intersecting holes, and micro-holes, as well as the polishing of some irregular workpieces. Such as gears, curved surfaces, shaped parts, etc.

Similarly, due to the limitation of the working principle of the environmentally friendly automatic polishing machine, this method is not suitable for the polishing of large workpieces, nor for flat polishing, and the outer tube round polishing.