China Polishing Machine Use Precautions


First, the China Polishing Machine is not working prope […]

First, the China Polishing Machine is not working properly. It should be handled in a timely manner. Please note that operators using Chinese polishing machines must be professionally trained and have studied “safe operating procedures”.

Second, before using the Chinese polishing machine, the following checks should be made for the environment. The operator's hands and feet should be away from the rotating polishing head. The operator must not step on the power cord or wrap the power cord around the polishing head. The operator must dress safely. The polished area must not exceed the length of the power cord. The operator must not dispose of the operating handle. When the machine is stopped, the handle must be released after the Chinese polisher has completely stopped rotating. Do not polish with a polishing pad that is dusty or dirty. When the polishing pad with too much dirt cannot be cleaned, replace it with time. When replacing or installing the polishing pad, the power must be turned off.

Third, the storage of Chinese polishing machine cut off the power. Tilt back and store the rear wheel on the ground. Do not store outdoors and store in a dry place.