Domestic abrasives industry actively promotes green manufacturing


In order to implement the national policy of energy sav […]

In order to implement the national policy of energy saving, material saving and environmental protection, the machine tool industry actively implements green manufacturing in the development strategy and planning to promote the harmonious development of people and the environment. According to Luo Baihui, Secretary-General of the International Association of Mold and Hardware Plastic Industry Suppliers, the main research works on machine tools are as follows: the research on green design technology of machine tools, the research on reconfigurable technology of machine tools, the research on life cycle development technology of machine tools, the research on cleaner production technology of machine tools enterprises, and the numerical control machine. Research on energy-saving technology of bed, improving precision and performance of NC machine tools, so as to improve the precision of parts blank processing, reduce material consumption and so on.

Abrasive and abrasive tools industry in the machine tool industry is a resource-based industry, energy-consuming industry, but also a serious industry of pollution, the next step we must bear in mind the speech of the General Secretary "to build our country into a resource-saving, environmentally friendly society." For this reason, we must implement the relevant policies of the central government, in order to save energy and reduce emissions, clean production workers. We made a new world in our work.

1, adjust the structure and transform the development mode, eliminate backward and curb overcapacity. To realize the transformation from a big manufacturing country to a strong manufacturing country, there must be a development strategy. Whether it is industry development or enterprise progress, we must formulate strategic development planning, complete the task of structural adjustment and transformation of development mode, and strive for sound and rapid development. Through the efforts of the whole industry, cultivate a number of large and strong enterprises, a number of small and specialized giant enterprises, improve the core competitiveness of the industry.

2, increase the intensity of independent innovation and investment in scientific research. We should actively explore new ways to tackle problems related to production, learning, research and application. We can introduce technology and talents to develop by borrowing our brains. We should actively develop high-grade products. The key point of abrasive is to develop deep-processed products. Meet the fast growing demand for PV industry and engineering ceramics and advanced refractories market.

3, promote green manufacturing. Green manufacturing refers to a modern manufacturing mode that considers both environmental impact and resource efficiency under the premise of ensuring product function, quality and cost. It is the development trend of machinery manufacturing industry in the 21st century. It is an important way to realize the minimization of resource and energy efficient recycling application and environmental impact, and to establish resource-saving and environment-friendly.

Green manufacturing includes energy saving and emission reduction, which is a prominent problem in the abrasive industry. Although the abrasive industry is not included in the category of "two high and one capital" industry, the NDRC has explicitly listed abrasive smelting as a restricted industry, drawing a bottom line for the survival of enterprises, and our enterprises should learn from the festival. We should develop new technologies and technologies such as emission reduction, develop circular economy, and implement green manufacturing in an all-round way.