Corundum Abrasive Manufacturers Share The Main Role Of Sand Making Machines


Brown corundum sand is widely used, and the market pros […]

Brown corundum sand is widely used, and the market prospect of processing brown corundum sand is very good. The sand making machine plays a very important role in the processing of brown corundum sand. Let Corundum Abrasive manufacturers give you a detailed introduction to the advantages of sand making machines in processing brown corundum sand.


The production line technology of brown corundum sand and large brown corundum is crushed, finely divided and formed by sand making machine, and then iron is removed by a magnetic separator, and then sieved by a vibrating sieve. Screen out different sizes of brown corundum sand. The v-type sand machine is the core equipment of the whole production line of brown corundum sand. It has many functions such as crushing, fine crushing, sand making, and stone making. Compared with the traditional same-power sand making machine and sander equipment, the machine has large processing capacity, high output, 30% increase in output and stable operation. The prepared brown corundum sand has good quality, uniform particle size, and good particle shape. It is an ideal material for advanced grinding.


The brown corundum sand is made of industrial alumina powder and is cooled after being melted at a high temperature of more than 2,000 degrees in the arc. After pulverization and molding, the magnets are taken out of the iron and sieved into various particle sizes. The texture is dense, the hardness is high, and crystal grains are formed. Brown fused alumina is suitable for the manufacture of ceramics, resin cementing grinders, grinding, polishing, sandblasting, precision casting (fine casting special corundum), etc., and can also be used to manufacture advanced refractory materials.


The brown corundum has a higher hardness and is more difficult to break. Using the unique "stone + stone iron" principle, it is widely used in the production of building aggregates, road fabrics, litter, asphalt concrete, and cement concrete aggregates, and the design of a new sand machine impact sand machine is proposed. The fine grinding process in mining, building materials, metallurgy, chemical, mining, refractory materials, ceramics, cement, abrasives, and other industries. Production of high-purity materials such as glass raw materials and quartz sand.