Guidelines For The Specific Use Of Aluminum Wheel Polishing Machine


For this special process, we will use Aluminum Wheel Po […]

For this special process, we will use Aluminum Wheel Polishing Machine  .This machine is light in weight but strong. Next, your personal protective equipment is equally important. This includes ear protection, hand protection, eye protection, and most importantly respiratory protection. After all, this is ready, you can work.

The first step is to put the product to be polished into the Aluminum Wheel Polishing Machine.

You can see that the machine will divide the polished product into several parts. Starting from the surface, go all the way to the edge. From left to right, from bottom to top, there is a good even pass. If you don't want to exert too much pressure, let the grinder rotate freely. Take some time to make sure you pass. Overlap each previous pass. Move up slowly and push your black composite line forward steadily. When you notice that the black line starts to fade, you need to rake off all the old burnt compounds from the mat, then reapply more compounds, and then repeat. This is the most important step in the polishing process. If this is correct, then you will really have a perfect mirror effect. The rest is downhill.

The second step, again, starts from the inside, all the way to the edge. Slowly you will feel that this should give you an almost perfect finish. In the coloring stage, you will really see this mirror take shape. That is, the polishing effect.

In the last step, the inspection starts from the inside and then goes to the edge. If the form is one integrated mass, it means the completion is flawless.