How Does Corundum Abrasive Prevent Pollution?


As a grinding material, corundum abrasive has been favo […]

As a grinding material, corundum abrasive has been favored and loved by industry and other industries because of its outstanding advantages. However, at the same time, there will be some pollution in the corundum abrasives. Today, we will introduce the maintenance of corundum abrasives.
The causes of pollution can be roughly divided into four categories:
First, organic objects, cigarette stains, soy sauce stains, iodine stains.
Second, metal stains such as rust, rust, lead rust.
Third, oil stains, gasoline, gasoline, raw lacquer.
4. The most prone to occur are the water stain. Under normal conditions, the water stains can be played off regularly, but the water stains may not be offset under the conditions of high sea temperature, year-round storage, and stained objects (fluid exceptions) ) It does not affect the stone itself. Only after the object catches up with the water, the chemical change batik is formed. Therefore, it can be concluded that the water is the largest enemy of the stone. Only the intrusion into the stone hole can solve the problem.
Enumeration: water stored in the stone, will adjust the stone, the mineral salt in the stone will be chemically effective due to contact with water, when the crystal gradually becomes larger, the surface of the stone will burst and precipitate crystals, such as gold. Flowers beige, Taiwan green, gold line beige, Egyptian beige and so on.
Corundum abrasive abrasive sand protection is "the embankment is waterproof and infiltrated, allowing water to exhale." "Prevention is better than curing", this maxim is the most suitable for stone. Corundum abrasive protectant provides full protection for corundum abrasives against different characteristics, such as moisture, stains, oil stains, etc. The dike mineral salt is also taken out of the stone, and white Hua or rust stains occur.

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