How Does The Wheel Polishing Machine Manufacturer Describe How To Strip The Wheel?


With the improvement of living standards today, almost […]

With the improvement of living standards today, almost every household will be equipped with the corresponding family car, so the car industry is also very hot. Today, when you go to the Wheel Polishing Machine  manufacturer to see the car wheel maintenance, how to give it correct Paint stripping?


1. Soaking treatment method: The original liquid is used, the treatment temperature is normal, and the metal to be stripped is immersed in the paint stripper. The paint film can be peeled off from the surface of the wheel after 20 seconds to 20 minutes, and the water is used after peeling off the paint film. High-pressure water can be removed.

2. Brushing and spraying treatment method: The paint stripping agent is evenly painted or sprayed on the surface of the dry paint film, and the paint film is creased off the original substrate. The stripped paint film can be washed or removed with water. Thicker paint layer, after the paint film is softened and removed, it can also be repeated after two times of painting. After the paint layer is completely peeled off, it is removed.


Comparing the above two methods, Xiaobian recommends the chemical cleaning method to strip the paint on the wheel. Its stripping speed and stripping effect are unmatched by physical methods. However, it is also prudent to use the wheel paint remover, such as the transportation and storage of chemicals, labor safety and so on.