How Much Do You Know About The Installation Of China Polishing Machine?


China Polishing Machine can improve production efficien […]

China Polishing Machine can improve production efficiency, reduce labor intensity, save production costs, improve product quality, and reduce product quality differences. Do you know the installation points of the automatic polishing machine? The following is explained by Xiaobian for you;

1. Analyze the soil pressure resistance at the installation site, the water level, etc., and must meet the installation and use requirements of the polishing machine to determine the installation plan.

2. When installing the automatic polishing machine, try to clean the ground so that the machine is not easy to clean.

3. Installation should avoid high-voltage transmission lines and avoid interference with the electronic polishing machine.

4, need to have an independent power supply, to avoid sharing with other high-power appliances.

5, automatic polishing machine installation requires a relatively spacious installation site, it is very important to have enough operating space.

6, rainy, large moisture, salt and alkali, and other areas installed polishing machine cannot be ordinary mud, otherwise, need to consider ventilation and drainage and many other issues.

7. Install the automatic polishing machine and do not install it on the air outlet. Otherwise, the polishing machine will not work well when the wind is blowing.