Matters needing attention in operation of ZD15 vibrating lapping and polishing machine


1, strong acid and alkali substances will seriously dam […]

1, strong acid and alkali substances will seriously damage the machine and endanger the safety. Neutral grinding fluid must be used.

2, electric box is strictly prohibited to enter the water, when placed, do not close to the water source.

3, must not use sharp tools to stab, scrape machine PU barrel body. Non professionals should not arbitrarily adjust the parameters of the inverter and remove the machine at will.

4. Before starting the machine, we must confirm whether the power connection meets the requirements (must be grounded wire), check whether the machine is placed smoothly (adjustable four feet). Then, normal operation can be carried out without abnormal test. At any time, observe any abnormalities during operation. If there is any abnormality, check immediately.

5. Clean up the sedimentation tank regularly to keep the cleanliness of the circulating water. After replacing the clean water, the abrasive must be added again. After the machine is used, the material in the barrel should be cleaned up. Cut off the power supply and clean the machine.

6, if the machine is put on hold for a long time, the circulating pump should be removed and cleaned and placed in order to prevent foreign matter from blockage. The remaining materials in the water tank and the grinding barrel must be cleaned up and the power supply of the whole machine is cut off.

7. Do not unload the barrel cover during start-up operation to avoid damage to the machine and endanger personal safety. The barrel cover must be unloaded after shutdown.

8. After the locking screw is removed, the square bottom must be lifted when moving and removing the equipment; the rubber bucket of the equipment must not be moved and carried at any time, in order to avoid the danger of the vibration source coming out!