The Vibratory Polishing Machine Manufacturer Teaches You How To Perform Routine Maintenance


The Vibratory Polishing Machine differs from the old-fa […]

The Vibratory Polishing Machine differs from the old-fashioned simple machine in that it has large differences in body size and components. This also caused the Vibratory Polishing Machine to be very different in maintenance and maintenance from previous polishing machines. Let's take a look at the manufacturer of the Vibratory Polishing Machine to learn about maintaining and maintaining it.


1.Dust removal maintenance

Polishing and producing dust is more serious. If the polishing equipment is not cleaned for a long time, the dust precipitation will be slowed down, and the dust in the air will be heavier and more harmful. Because the dustproof system is blocked due to long-term cleaning, as long as it is regularly cleaned, the dust removal effect can be maintained.


2. Parts maintenance

The parts of the polishing machine are more complicated, and there are relatively many matters to be paid attention to in daily maintenance. Mainly for the regular cleaning of impurities, to prevent debris card machine; regular inspection of the operation of the components, whether the components are damaged. Repair and replace damaged parts in time to ensure that the operation of other parts and machinery as a whole is not affected.


3. Circuit maintenance

General large polishing equipment will be equipped with a special control box. Inside complex wiring connections, boards and more. In the event of a malfunction, non-professionals are more difficult to repair, so daily protection and maintenance are particularly important. The line should be prevented from pulling, to prevent damage from external forces, and the control box should not be opened at will to prevent the rat from biting. In the event of a problem, disconnection, failure of the operation, etc., do not arbitrarily carry out self-maintenance in case of uncertainty, ask the professional to inspect and repair.


4. Shaft maintenance

The maintenance of the axle mainly refers to the maintenance of the joints of the various running parts of the machine. These joints are the most important part of the mechanical operation. If there is a problem in one link, the whole machine may be paralyzed. In the bearing, to ensure the smooth running of the bearing, you can regularly lubricate the oil. Regularly check the motor and replace the damaged motor in time to prevent accidents.