Use Of Corundum Abrasive


Corundum Abrasive   can be used to make grinding wheels […]

Corundum Abrasive   can be used to make grinding wheels, grinding discs, abrasive papers, and abrasive powders, etc. It can also be used as a fast rotating bearing for instruments.

A grinding wheel can be made by adding a binder to the corundum abrasive. The corundum abrasive is fixed on the surface of the cotton cloth and paper with an adhesive to form an abrasive cloth and sandpaper. In addition to the above uses, corundum abrasives can also be used as raw materials for high-alumina refractories.

Grinding wheels made of corundum abrasives are used for grinding of mild steel, high-speed steel, and special steel. Abrasive cloth and sandpaper are used for grinding wood and steel.

Because corundum has good toughness and durability and has good blending properties with cement and asphalt, it can be used for road slippage, chemical plant board paving, the surface material of dike protection bed, refractory materials and raw materials for producing artificial corundum.