Vibratory Finishing Machine Manufacturer Introduces Vibration Tester Maintenance Knowledge


Vibration testing machine is widely used in aviation, a […]

Vibration testing machine is widely used in aviation, aerospace, electrical, electronics, automobile manufacturing, and other industries. It is a vibration environment that provides products in the process of manufacturing, transportation, and use. Whether the test product has the ability to endure this environment can simulate the actual working conditions. Assessment and structural strength tests. following content The Vibratory Finishing Machine   manufacturer will explain to you the general knowledge of the equipment maintenance:

1. When the vibration testing machine is running, it is necessary to add lubricant to the moving shaft inside the equipment and the wide belt required for operation, so that the equipment can operate effectively;

2. When the equipment is capable of enduring the ability of the product to withstand the vibration environment, it must be supervised by technicians in order to prevent the test sample from slipping out and destroy the smoothness of the surface of the equipment box. The gear oil needs to be cleaned regularly, and each time Replacement is required after half a year; after the test is finished, it needs to be cleaned and then cleaned to keep the equipment clean.

3. Please try not to open the test box door during the test work. If it is opened at high temperature, it may cause burns to the operator. When it is opened at low temperature, it may cause frost damage to the staff in the morning, and it may cause the evaporator to freeze. To the cooling effect.