Vibratory Polishing Machine Manufacturer Introduces Problems In Polishing Machine Work


Polishing machines are often used for mechanical grindi […]

Polishing machines are often used for mechanical grinding, polishing, and waxing. The polishing machine is relatively simple to operate, but there are some minor faults during use. The following Vibratory Polishing Machine manufacturer lists several problems that are likely to occur when polishing the polishing machine:


1. The force of pressing down is too small.
2. The force of the pressing is too large, so the cotton plate will stop rotating.
3. The cotton tray is not level when using your product.
4. Apply too much or too little product.
5. The number of times to clean the cotton disk is not frequent enough.
6. The single construction area is too large.
7. The polishing machine moves too fast on the surface.
8. The speed of the machine is set too slow when the sun pattern is thrown away.