Vibratory Polishing Machine Supplier Shares The Characteristics Of Vibratory Grinding And Polishing Machine


The vibratory grinding and polishing machine has high-f […]

The vibratory grinding and polishing machine has high-frequency vibration, which makes the workpiece closely mix with the grinding stone or steel ball, abrasive, etc., and spirally whirls to grind the surface of the workpiece, especially those that are susceptible to deformation or complex shape. The work of the dead corner in the hole can obtain uniform quality by using the machine grinding, and can be tested at any time during the processing operation, saving time and improving quality; the material selection area is provided with a switching gate, a filter net, etc. It is separated by the abrasive, easy to select materials, and easy to operate.


Vibration grinding and polishing machine features:

1. Adopting the principle of the world's advanced spiral tumbling flow and ternary vibration, the parts, and the rolling abrasives are ground to each other to achieve the polishing effect.

2. Vibratory grinding and polishing machine is suitable for grinding and polishing large quantities of the medium, small and large-sized parts, improving work efficiency by 6~10 times and saving cost by about 1/3.

3. The vibration grinding and polishing machine does not destroy the original size and shape of the parts during the vibration grinding and polishing process.

4. The vibrating grinding and polishing machine can realize automatic and unmanned operation, and it is easy to operate. During the working process, the machining condition of the parts can be checked at any time.


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