What Are The Issues To Consider For Customized Polishing Automatic Line?


With the pursuit of individualized needs, each industry […]

With the pursuit of individualized needs, each industry has a customized production line to meet the production line suitable for its products. Of course, the same is true for the polishing machine manufacturers. Customized Polishing Automatic line can be easily produced by customers and manufacturers. Suitable for your products. So what should you pay attention to when customizing the production line?


1. Is the product immature, stable, and whether the ready-made product process is reliable, how are the life cycle and annual output, and how long is the income investment?

2. Is there any ready-made automated assembly line, non-standard mechanical equipment or similar production lines inside and outside as a reference?

3. Can the product be automatically loaded? If it is not suitable for automatic assembly, how to change the loading method? Is it changed to the material method or the product structure? Is the product structure suitable for automated assembly? Is the product assembly chamfered? What should I pay attention to if there is a chamfer?

4. Does the part of the test instrument need to be changed from manual to automatic?

5. Is there any limit to the production of the production line? If there is a limit, the supplier must be given a rough size range, and the situation is determined by the supplier's on-site measurement.