What Are The Purposes Of The Customized Polishing Automatic Line?


With the continuous development of intelligence and mec […]

With the continuous development of intelligence and mechanization, some factories are equipped with production lines of their products, which saves manpower and material resources and improves product production efficiency. So for the polishing industry, Customized Polishing Automatic line is a Trends. So let's take a look at what parts of the production line are generally included.


It is generally composed of thirteen parts. Specifically divided into material station, polishing station and assembly station, in addition to handling station, finished product sorting station, inverter module, power module, PLC module, as well as button module and motor driver module, also equipped with various sensors, etc. There are solenoid valves and interfaces for import and export. Through these parts, the polishing line can perform both the loading and processing of the production, as well as the sorting, assembly and transportation processes.


There are two main purposes for Customized Polishing Automatic line  :

1. Design and manufacturing level of special plane

The purpose of the special plane is to complete specific process operations on the production line, such as processing, assembly inspection, etc. The technical content of the special plane is not only tangible equipment hardware, but more importantly, the process technology it contains, such as technical principle, adoption Process methods, workpieces, etc. Some of these specific process technologies have undergone long-term research, use verification, improvement and improvement processes, and some are new processes. There is a lack of theory and experience to learn from, and it is necessary to start from research. Then with the production line, you can save the need for experienced staff to operate.


2. System integration and optimization level

The actual comprehensive performance of the production line does not depend solely on the performance of each special aircraft. For example, if the order of the process is unreasonable, it is possible to increase the auxiliary operations such as repeated commutation. If the cycle time of the special plane is too wide, the time of the part of the whole line will be wasted. If the process arrangement of a special plane is unreasonable, the reliability will be more Low, it will directly lead to a significant reduction in the efficiency of the entire production line, so system integration and optimization capabilities are particularly important in the design process.