What Are The Requirements For Ceramic Grinding Abrasive Media?


Ceramic Grinding Abrasive media is also a common grindi […]

Ceramic Grinding Abrasive media is also a common grinding medium in normal production. If you know about the process, you may know it. What are the requirements for Ceramic Grinding Abrasive media?

Ceramic sand is widely used in shot peening. It can be divided into dry blasting and wet blasting. Although the ceramic sand processing process is different, in the end, a large amount of ceramic sand is sprayed onto the surface of the workpiece by an external force to make the workpiece. The surface is plastically deformed by an external force, and a cold-hardened layer of a certain thickness is generated, which is also called a surface strengthening layer. This strengthening layer can significantly improve the fatigue strength of the part under high temperature and high humidity work, but it should be noted that the workpiece is The processing temperature after processing should not be too high, otherwise, the generated compressive stress will be eliminated and the expected effect will be lost. A ceramic grinding medium is a sandblasting machine that uses a gas pressure to spray ceramic sand, and the ceramic sand polishes the workpiece according to its own toughness and hardness.

What are the requirements for Ceramic Grinding Abrasive media?

1. Determine the shape and material of the grinding media according to the nature of the material to be ground, the feedstock and the particle size of the product, and the process requirements of the next step.

2. Determine the appropriate media size and ratio of different sizes according to the requirements of the feedstock and product particle size distribution.

3. Determine the media filling rate according to the mill type and the mill rotation rate.

4. According to the wear law of the medium and the production conditions, determine the reasonable replenishment of the grinding media.