What Are The Uses And Advantages Of Corundum Abrasive?


Nowadays, more and more artificial corundum is used in […]

Nowadays, more and more artificial corundum is used in our lives. For example, brown fused alumina, white corundum, fused white corundum, and black corundum are often used. Although they are all abrasives, do you know the characteristics of these abrasives? Today, Xiaobian will take you to talk about the use of  Corundum Abrasive  .

Corundum is made of industrial alumina powder as raw material, melted in a high-temperature arc of 2000 degrees or higher, and then cooled to obtain white corundum; white fused alumina is pulverized, magnetically removed and sieved into various particle sizes; corundum texture is dense and hard. High and angular. Corundum has good thermal stability, high-temperature resistance above 1750 °C, high purity, good self-sharpness, strong grinding ability, low calorific value, high efficiency, acid-base corrosion resistance, but slightly lower toughness.

Advantages of Corundum Abrasive:

1. Can be used as wet sand or dry sand or spray sand, fixed abrasive and coated abrasive

2. It is also important for ultra-fine grinding and polishing of the crystal and electronics industries and the manufacture of advanced refractories.

3. Can be used as contact medium, insulator and precision casting sand, etc.

4. It is also suitable for work hardened steel, alloy steel, high-speed steel, high carbon steel and other materials with high hardness and tensile strength.