Wheel Polishing Machine Manufacturer Introduces The Special Purpose Of Polishing Machine


The polishing machine is used in a wide range of applic […]

The polishing machine is used in a wide range of applications. It can be used for flat polishing of different occupations and different materials. It is mainly used to polish the workpieces of various materials to achieve a certain degree of flatness, parallelism, and smoothness, and more beautiful. Also, the manufacturer of the Wheel Polishing Machine will introduce the special features of the polishing machine:

1. Select the interval automatic spray equipment, you can set the spray interval freely.

2. The workpiece is pressurized and the cylinder is pressurized. The pressure is adjustable. After polishing, the workpiece has high brightness, no scratches, no grain, no pitting, no-sag, and flatness. After polishing, the surface roughness of the workpiece can reach Ra0.0002; the flatness can be controlled within ±0.002mm.

3. Select PLC program control system, touch screen operation panel, grinding disc speed and timing can be directly inputted on the touch screen.

4. Only suitable for polishing the plane of the workpiece.