Wheel Polishing Machine Manufacturer Introduces The Working Principle Of Polishing Machine


When it comes to polishing machines, many people don't […]

When it comes to polishing machines, many people don't know how it works, so today the Wheel Polishing Machine manufacturer will share the working principles of common polishing machines. Mechanical polishers are mainly divided into two types: electric and pneumatic. Electric polishers have large and adjustable reporting, high power and good polishing effect. The main reason is that the power of the machine is high. However, for beginners, attention should be paid to the state of the polisher so as not to damage the paint.


The pneumatic polishing machine has a low reporting rate, poor grinding and polishing efficiency, and relatively low grinding and polishing efficiency. We generally use an electric polishing machine. The variable speed polishing machine is a kind of equipment that integrates grinding and polishing. The grinding operation can be carried out when installing the grinding disc, and the polishing operation can be carried out when installing the polishing disc. The variable speed polisher smoothes and polishes the paint surface by rotating the polishing disc or polishing disc to remove minor paint surface defects and improve the brightness.


1. Never touch the working surface when the polishing machine is turned on or off.

2. During the operation, the right-hand holds the straight handle, the left-hand holds the horizontal handle, and the left hand applies vertical force to the operation surface. The turntable and the operation surface remain basically parallel.

3. Don't put down the polishing machine before it stops completely.

4. Do not operate too close to the frame, bumper and other parts that may bite the outer edge of the turntable.

5. Attention should be paid to the wires of the grinding machine at all times to prevent the wires from being involved in the machine.

6. When polishing, care should be taken not to let the dust fly to the face, but to let it fall to the floor.