Wheel Polishing Machine Manufacturers What Are The Methods Of Polishing Stainless Steel?


Stainless steel polishing is a common operation in prod […]

Stainless steel polishing is a common operation in production, but stainless steel polishing methods are also very diverse, so the following Wheel Polishing Machine manufacturers come to list some common methods:


Polishing materials Sandpaper polishing: Place stainless steel workpieces on a table or other platform, replace coarse and fine sandpaper and polish with human power. This polishing method is closely related to the skill of the operator. The operator is highly skilled and will be better off.


"cloth wheel sticky sand" polishing: "cloth wheel sticky sand" polishing is the polishing of the grinding material by the cloth wheel. In the past, it was the most common way to polish stainless steel.


A polishing paste is applied to the rotating cloth wheel of a motor-driven single-head or double-head polishing machine, and the operator holds a stainless steel workpiece for polishing. Labor intensity is high, the work environment is poor, workshop workers are highly polluted, and masks are often required to operate.


The stainless steel polishing is mainly made of chrome oxide and a binder, which is a strong and sharp, highly removable wax. Green wax is a kind of polishing wax.


Polishing wax (paste) is a solid method of polishing materials. It is mainly composed of abrasives, organic pastes, and additives. The varieties, crystal forms, particle sizes and types and ratios of organic pastes are important factors affecting polishing quality.