Porcelian Anele Cut Cylinder

Porcelian Anele Cut Cylinder

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Technical Characteristics of Polishing Grinding Block

Name Code Granularity
Brown corundum grinding block BC 80#~320#
White corundum grinding block WC 80#~320#
Alumina grinding block OA 240#~1250#
Ceramic grinding block C ----
Plastic grinding block PC 120#~1250#
Metal grinding block S ----
Plant grinding block W ----


Selection table of polishing grinding blocks

Workpiece Processing Requirements Selection of Polishing Grinding Block
Accuracy Main uses Granularity Material
Commonly Deburring, flying edge,
Oxide rust spot and rough throwing
Abrasive Particle Size 100 Corundum abrasives
Higher Deburring, scaling, chamfering,
rough and medium throwing
The grinding effect between
150~W63 is better.
Ceramic abrasives
Corundum abrasives
High Fine grinding, polishing
and surface finishing
The abrasive particle size W63 has better
effect of fine grinding.
Alumina abrasives
Deburring, flying edge, oxide rust spot,
rough throwing
-- Plastic moulding
Alumina abrasives
Selection principle 1. Choose grinding tools with finer grain size in finishing and grinding tools with coarser grain size in roughing.
2. The Abrasives should not be too large when processing small parts and too small when processing large parts.

3. The hardness of abrasive tools is selected according to the turning rate and abrasion.

4. When processing the parts with holes and grooves, the abrasives are 1.5 times larger than the holes and grooves, and the small abrasives are 1/3 smaller than the holes and grooves.

5. The ratio of abrasive tool to workpiece is 2:1-5:1. Rough machining is ahead of time and finish machining is behind time.

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