80L Centrifugal Barrel Machine

80L Centrifugal Barrel Machine

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Product Description

Centrifugal grinding machine is to use the mechanism of planetary transmission to force workpiece and abrasive to flow in the process of revolution and rotation, so as to carry out surface micro-cutting of workpiece. It is characterized by the workpiece and abrasive friction force is larger, grinding force is stronger, suitable for hard metal surface polishing. Natural rubber or polyurethane can be used as lining materials for rollers. More than 60L models are equipped with electric discharge mechanism, reducing labor intensity and simplifying the discharging process.

Model Rotatory Radius(mm) Working Capacity(L) Barrel Rpm(r/min) Motor Power(KW) Liner
ZHL30 210 7.5×4 180 1.5  Rubber
ZHL30 (PU) 210 7.5×4 180 1.5 PU
ZHL40 210 10×4 160 2.2  Rubber
ZHL40 (PU)  210 10×4 160  2.2 PU
ZHL60  290 15×4 140 3 Rubber
ZHL80  325 20×4 130 5.5 PU
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