50L Centrifugal Disc

50L Centrifugal Disc

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Product Description

Eddy current polishing, turntable can be stepless speed change, lined with PU polygonal groove, the operation of a strong eddy current friction movement, so as to achieve uniform removal of burrs, chamfers or polishing purposes. Its characteristics are as follows: 1. The rolling force is large and the machining efficiency is high. 2. An optional range of processing capacity. It is easy to realize production automation. 4. Low noise, no vibration, no splash of working fluid, and improved working environment.


Model Barrel Diameter(mm) Capacity(L) Loading Capacity(L) Barrel Rpm(r/min) Motor Power(KW) Liner
ZHM-Z50L 500 50 20 50-200 1.5 PU
ZHM-Z120L 700 120 48 50-200 4 PU
ZHM-Z200L 900 200 80 40-160 5.5 PU
ZHM-Z300L 1100 300 120  40-160 7.5 PU
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