170L Olive Drum

170L Olive Drum

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Product Description

Rolling polishing machine has a large volume of polygonal drum, the center of rotation so that the workpiece installed in the drum, grinding block, grinding fluid rotation is sealed. The drum is driven by the transmission system to rotate around the shaft, thus causing friction and grinding.

Model Loading Capacity(L) Rpm(r/min) Motor Power(KW)
80L 80 37r/min 0 .75 
120L 120 37r/min 1.1
170L 170 37r/min 1.5 
200L 200 37r/min 2.2
300L 300 37r/min 3.0
Tilting type 60 45r/min 1.1
Horizontal multi drum type 15L×10 45r/min 2.2
Note: other specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.
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