700L PU Vibratory With Searating Unit

700L PU Vibratory With Searating Unit

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Product Description

Vibratory lapping finishing has been widely applied to deburring, reverse and finishing of various parts. The workpiece, grinding block and liquid medium with a certain proportion are loaded into a container with a certain shape. When the container vibrates at a certain amplitude and frequency, the workpiece and grinding block move along a certain trajectory. In the process of motion, because of the difference of the quality, shape and position of the workpiece and the grinding block, the friction, rolling and micro-grinding are forced to occur on the workpiece, and the deburring, chamfering and surface finishing of the workpiece are realized. It has the following characteristics: high processing efficiency, wide application, good processing quality, simple equipment structure, easy operation.

Model Type Capacity(L) Loading Capacity(L) Motor Power(KW)
ZHM30/ZHM30 (PU) Straight separating unit 30  22.5  0 .55 
ZHM60A/ZHM60A (PU) Straight separating unit 60 45 1.1
ZHM60B/ZHM60B (PU)  Straight separating unit 60 45  0.75 
ZHM60A (PU)  Straight separating unit 80 60  1.1
ZHM80A/ZHM80A (PU)  Straight separating unit 80 60  0.55-0.75
ZHM100-150/ZHM100-150 (PU)  (Straight、Serew)
separating unit
100-150 80-120  1.5
ZHM200-250/ZHM200-250 (PU)  (Straight、Serew、Non-mandril)separating unit 200-250 160-200 2.2
ZHM300-400/ZHM300-400 (PU)  (Straight、Serew、Non-mandril)separating unit 300-400 240-320  3.7-5.5
ZHM600-800/ZHM600-800(PU)  (Straight、Serew、Non-mandril)separating unit 600-800 480-640  5.5-7.5
ZHM1200 (PU)  Straight separating unit 1200 960  11 
ZHM60A/ZHM60A (PU)  Tank type 100-150 80-400  2.2-11
  Multi-tank type      
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